The project 667, approved in Maranello for some months now, will present ideas to sharp break with what has been done Ferrari in recent seasons. It started, despite the good results obtained with the car in 2015, from a blank sheet to try to close the gap (“only” 3-4 tenths in race trim) that separates the Italian team from Mercedes. 
This project, the first carried out by Allison-Resta-Binotto will present many innovations and will remain in the car just a few elements of the SF15-T. After four seasons of use of the pull rod front suspension, Ferrari will, as already announced in May by our PJ (@RoboCoPJ) on Twitter, to use a push rod suspension system. In addition to returning to the suspension system to “strut” (finally we might add), for aerodynamic purposes, the steering arm is lowered to align with a lower triangle that should keep the tuning fork diagram, solution similar to Mercedes in 2015.
The version of muzzle implemented by engineers at Maranello will be at the limit of technical regulations because of what we know will be very similar to the snout used by Toro Rosso in this 2015 (the concept of nose is that, less detail more detail), when in the end of the muzzle will be located at the limit of 850 mm from the Front Wheel Centre Line (FWCL) and the “tip” of the muzzle. Thanks to this, the nose will prove to be raised and with a passage section of the air between the support pylons and the wing, much wider than the old version. 

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This solution will ensure a higher air flow in the area of the bottom of the car and then the opportunity to  generate more downforce at the front which will eventually be balanced by a slender back, but we’ll talk about  in a few days!

di @spontonc e @RoboCoPJ – traduzione di @Seby_5_


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